Our Teachers

Here in Kingdom Kids, we have so many wonderful teachers who minister to our K-6th graders. Here are the teachers:

K-1st Grade - Ms. Connie Cueto & Mrs. Sandy Niemeyer

2nd-3rd Grade Mrs. Angie Port

4th-6th Grade- Mr. Tim Ellis

Children's Ministry Director: Mrs. LeAnn Blanton


First Impression Manager: Mrs. Gloria Hogue


Mrs. LeAnn Blanton

Mrs. Gloria Hogue 

Ms. Connie Cueto                                                                                                      

Mrs. Sandy Niemeyer                                                                                                      

Mrs. Angie Port

Mr. Tim Ellis

Call us:

(618) 397-4720


10401 Lincoln Trail, Fairview Heights, IL

Find us on the 2nd Floor in the Kids Wing